About Us

We are Jeff & JulieRay Romano, and we created DogPound Creations, a pet inspired woodcraft gift shop, to help people celebrate and honor their pets. Our focus is on people and helping them. And while we have many different pet inspired products, our primary product line helps to relieve the pain, in a small way, from losing a beloved pet and aids in the grieving process.

Approx. 66% of the United States have pets and most of us love them just like a family member (or at least we should, right?)  A few years ago, when we lost our 12-year-old Shepherd, there was nothing we could find to honor her. So, we created our own. A tribute/memorial tealight with a shepherd silhouette cutout from solid wood with a tealight behind it shining light through the cutout (a simplified description TBH).

What we had created was a unique niche in the pet memorial category of pet related products.

Since that time we have continued our passion, expanding our line of pet related woodcraft gifts. All of which gives the consumer the opportunity to customize and personalize them anyway they want. This guarantees that you get a uniquely designed product, exactly the way you envisioned it. Just like we did some years ago. 

We are a small 2 person shop, based out of upstate New York. Everything we create is made to order. Meaning we do not just have stock waiting to ship out. When we receive each order, it begins its journey with a blank piece of wood and an idea as to what it is to become.

We are proud to provide a USA Made product and are happy to say that 99% of our materials are purchased from US based companies. 

So, whether it be for yourself or for that special friend, we promise to create a high quality lasting creation to be cherished for years to come.


We are so blessed to have received wonderful reviews and comments about our products.  For us to provide happiness to others is beyond rewarding.  Thank you for reading our story, we still have so many chapters to write….


Jeff & JulieRay Romano