About Us

Many people ask what our story is; unfortunately, that cannot be easily summed up in a brief conversation.  After having both worked in the not-for profit world, when those companies closed, we were faced with finding our next sense of purpose.  To be honest, the first item was created from ‘I have these tools and time, let me putter around.’  The 1st tea light subsequently spurned a flood of sudden creativity and desire to do a total 180 turn in our career. 

In fully believing we could create an item that would be for other animal lovers, DogPound Creations was born.  Our goal was to make something that was not only of the utmost quality, but that would be enjoyed for years to come and in some cases, comforting those that lost their pets.  We brainstormed, had lots of trials and tribulations, but we knew we had to go through some difficulties to get to where we wanted to be.  Our goal from the beginning was to provide an item that would last, be great American-made quality, have options for the variety of needs, and provide excellent customer service.  Bottom line is we wanted to make people happy they purchased our labor of love. 

As we are in our third year, we believe we have created something is completely unique, that provides happiness and comfort to the recipient, and fulfills all those qualities we desired.  The business has expanded several times over the years, continuing to offer new products.  At this current time, we have two new products to launch that we’re very excited about. 

We are so blessed to have received wonderful reviews and comments about our products.  For us to provide happiness to others is beyond rewarding.  Thank you for reading our story, we still have so many chapters to write….