Production Times

About Production

  • All our products are Made to Order
  • This means we start from scratch on every single order we receive
  • Production Times vary but usually take no more than 3-4 days to complete.
  • If it appears the order will take longer (i.e. item broke during production), we will notify you immediately. 
  • Orders ship on the final day of production (including Saturdays when required)
  • Our designs are original concepts and hand-crafted from start to finish, as they are customizable to each purchaser's specification.
  • Every step of our 16-stage process is done by hand to insure our high level of quality and attention is given to each item
  • There is no automation or computer-aided machinery used to create most of our designs and we are very proud to say that we only use USA made materials in our process.
  • Through this hands-on process, we create a beautifully original piece of home décor that our customers can appreciate