Christmas Carol (Cee Cee)

​Role: Customer Care (CC get it!)

Yrs with DPC: 4

JulieRay named Cee Cee while driving home one evening thinking about a good name for this poor abused dog we just fell in love with. She heard the Christmas song “Christmas Carol” about a little girl who just wanted a home for Christmas and right then, DogPound Creations had a new staffie, literally, she's a Staffordshire. Cee Cee was found emaciated with 3 rocks, a bone and a wash cloth in her stomach. She weighed next to nothing when she was surrendered to the shelter. Cee Cee just loves people and wants to be loved back. She takes customer care to a whole-nother-level (with doggie kisses of course.)  She is so happy, we can’t get her to stop! Who better to help our wonderful customers than this wonderful dog.