DPC Staff: Millie


Mildred Margaret (Millie)

Role: Data Analysis

Yrs with DPC: 11​

Referred to as our third dog, Millie was rescued from a farmer who was getting rid of her (and not in a good way) as a kitten, and brought into our Vet’s office for rescue. And who happened to be at the Vet’s at the same time, if you guessed this sap you’d be correct. Millie shows exceptional talent for analyzing an opportunity to find the best tactic to get a snack (even if that tactic is to “play dog”.)  She also has the ability to play fetch but her true calling is to be in the best position to receive some snacks. At dinner time this loving kitty can be found sitting with our dogs, waiting patiently in line for the routine distribution of that nights leftovers!